Inside story of kickbacks in Jinan paint Market

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Jinan paint Market rebate insider

Jinan paint Market rebate insider

October 14, 2002

autumn is the peak decoration season, and the business in the decorative materials market is booming day by day. On October 2 alone, the turnover of decoration materials in Jinan reached 2million yuan, an increase of 20.4% over last year

during a recent visit, it was found that in the decorative material markets in the provincial capital, there are rebates for everything from plates and floors to nails, and even a piece of glass. Whether consumers choose to contract labor and materials or not, they have to pay an extra 15% to 2

5% of the material cost to the seller, and the decorator will get a considerable rebate from it

On the afternoon of October 4, as a salesman of a decoration company, he came to aluminum processing enterprises in the northern part of the provincial capital, such as Chinalco, Zhongwang, jungle, Nannan, Jinqiao, and brought their latest products in the field of automotive lightweight. A decoration material city

first visited some paint shops and found that each had rebates, ranging from 6% to 25%. A shopkeeper also offered a

trick: Nowadays, the paint prices in Jinan market are quite different, especially some non brand paints. "I'll invoice you for 120 yuan

, you can take the miscellaneous goods of 80 yuan, and you can take the middle 40 yuan. You can rest assured that there is no second seller of this kind of goods, so others can't compare them, and they won't reveal their secrets."

in a store, I tried to ask for a quotation to "go back and ask the leader for instructions", but they were all declined

still talk about smooth oil

"bosses generally don't give quotations to unfamiliar customers." A young employee of the store whispered, "because the decoration company is the one we deal with most at ordinary times, and their way will be blocked when the quotation goes out. Generally, the dynamic friction coefficient of the positive and negative surface of the film should be measured according to the GB 10006 (8) method for measuring the friction coefficient of plastic film and sheet and ISO 8295 (1) 986 plastics film and sheeting Determination of the coefficients of friction."

a dealer from Suzhou said after "in-depth communication" that "as long as you give me a rebate of 4 ·

4% tax rate, the price can be set by you." He even said, "after buying my goods, I can also help you buy its decorative materials, and I promise to help you keep the 'internal price' to the lowest and the rebate to the highest."

what is more shocking is that the rebates of some goods are even close to their cost prices, and some even double

how big is the rebate? A senior person in the industry calculated the account: for example, a consumer spent 5

000 yuan on paint decoration, and the rebate was calculated at 20%, which was 1000 yuan more for only one item

"eating alone" makes people confused

it is understood that there are mainly two kinds of rebates in home decoration. One is "Tong

eating" which is fully represented by the decoration company. Second, the decoration workers and other intermediaries bring customers to buy materials to "eat alone"

some consumers are afraid of being fooled by decorators and deliberately choose to "contract cleaning" (that is, contract labor but not materials), but most

people are not good at choosing decorative materials. Some decoration trade unions volunteer, and some consumers will take the initiative to purchase together with the decoration staff. However, for some decorators, this move is right for them

compared with "take all", eating alone is simply too much. Some decorators are now "guests" of some decorative material dealers. A paint dealer said that the vast majority of consumers do not know much about paint, and the recommendation of painters plays a decisive role for consumers. Paint dealers generally give painters 10% to 30% rebate, and

miscellaneous paint is higher. Painters often buy Paints with high rebates. If consumers have objections, they will say that this kind of oil

paint is either of relatively stable quality, but I'm not sure about other brands of paint. In this way, consumers will probably consider the suggestions of painters

a decorator from Linyi who has worked for many years told me that decorators and decorative material dealers are generally familiar. His

people just wander around the market when they have nothing to do, and they all know their products like the palm of their hand. When leading customers to buy materials, they usually come to the "spot" in advance to say hello to the material supplier and clarify the discount they should take. Some decorators and contractors not only greet a material supplier. Because most customers won't make a deal just by looking at one store, craftsmen generally agree with several material manufacturers at the same time to ensure a steady rebate. "No matter which market you buy, his

rebate will not be less."

during the unannounced visits, many decorative material dealers also repeatedly reminded those who pretended to be decorators that if they brought customers over, they would either come in advance to finalize the price, or call them over and know each other well. "Hello, me too." A floor dealer told him, "when the business is concluded, you can come to get a rebate at any time."

more dealers "give advice from face to face", "if you don't want to embarrass yourself, give me a 'guide price' in advance, and let's settle them together." The source said that ordinary consumers like bargaining. For example, the original "internal price" was

75 yuan, and the price was 86 yuan. When you bring the customer, I bid 120 yuan. Give him a 30% discount at that time, and he must be very satisfied. "In this way, your boss will not doubt you, but thank you for coming."

wool comes from sheep. These extra kickbacks will be passed on to consumers. The "blending" of decorative materials by

distributors and decorators will ultimately be paid by consumers

no cure for foam price

some senior insiders believe that the rebate problem in the decorative material market should be viewed in two ways. Material rebate is a normal means of promotion for merchants. Just like franchised stores and agents, they also have a business mode called "anti

point" by manufacturers. However, there is also a kind of rebate that is detrimental to the development of the market, that is, in order to make more money, we recommend inferior quality and high price products or unnecessary products to

customers. If this phenomenon becomes the mainstream, it will affect the reputation of the whole market, and unfair competition will certainly have a negative impact on the whole market

the above people also pointed out that consumers do not have to reject the recommendation of professionals because of the existence of rebate phenomenon. After all, having the recommendation of professionals can save time and effort, and in most cases, they can buy ideal products. Formal and highly brand conscious decoration companies operate in a relatively standardized manner, with basically no kickbacks. Moreover, the advanced craftsmanship and equipment, the excellent technical level of craftsmen, together with the construction drawings and detailed contract terms, ensure the interests of the decoration households to the greatest extent. The "decoration guerrillas" are different. Not only the technological level cannot be guaranteed, but also there is no effective means to restrict it. There is no way to investigate the quality problems after the decoration, and the decoration households have to admit their bad luck. "After they finish their work, they pack up and leave. If there is a quality problem, where can you find them?"

some decorators said that nowadays, decoration is market-oriented, and the competition among peers makes prices fall again and again. "We can't be unprofitable. We can only 'make up for the loss inside the embankment'. Either we cut corners in the construction, or we can find a way to eat kickbacks as compensation." They called on consumers to respect their labor, recognize their value, and pay them reasonable remuneration. "We also hope that the market can be clean and refreshing, and effectively curb the spread of the plague of high rebates. Insiders suggest that consumers: first, when purchasing decoration materials, they must shop around and ask frequently, so that they won't suffer losses. Second, they should ask people who have decorated more about the quality and price of decoration materials. Third, they should have a master

the machine stops automatically, don't take the recommendation of decorators lightly, and be good at judgment and making decisions Right decision. Whether it's measurement, budget or

buying materials and decoration, it's best to have a sense of your heart and spend more time

it seems that what we should and must do now is to continue to strengthen the rectification of the home decoration material market. This is not only for the interests of consumers, but also for the merchants themselves and the lasting prosperity of the market. In this way, we can truly warm up the big cake of the home decoration material market

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