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Inspection items before trial operation of gantry crane

the higher the mortar degree value of portal crane hard 21 building is, the higher the mechanical and electrical equipment are installed and meet the relevant design, manufacturing, installation and other technical conditions before operation. Before the test run, the following inspections should be carried out:

1) check that the wiring of all power circuits and operating systems should be correct

2) use a megger to detect that the power, operation and the insulation resistance of the lighting line after the Pb point comply with relevant regulations

3) the AC voltage is used for the insulation and withstand voltage test of each line to the ground, which meets the relevant regulations

4) introduce the working power supply and carry out the simulated operation test of all electrical appliances, and the action is correct

5) check the reliability of each brake

6) check the correctness of wire rope winding on the drum and pulley block and the reliability of rope head fixation

7) remove all obstacles hindering safe operation, hang warning signs at sliding lines and dangerous places, and set up barriers or guardians if necessary

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