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Inspection and analysis of carton stacker

carton stacker is mainly used to detect the compression mechanics of cartons. The whole machine has strong advantages in configuration, with detailed detection parameters and specific detailed standards for everyone to understand

with the development and progress of industry, corrugated boxes have been widely used as packaging materials for elastic modulus and experimental force. Due to the low threshold of corrugated box industry, the competition is extremely fierce. Carton users exposed more or less quality problems in the process of using cartons, such as collapse and rupture of cartons after stacking, which caused many negative effects

therefore, more and more carton users have realized the dual significance of packaging to product protection and product image promotion. Carton users have become more professional and rational in determining product quality standards, such as adding testing instruments to evaluate the key indicators of carton bursting and pressure resistance (or stacking), comprehensively studying whether the packaging is excessive (excess material design), and realizing the optimization contribution of the design of packaging materials in the manufacturing cost of the whole product

however, in the process of product inspection, when carton users evaluate whether the product is qualified, they often have cognitive deviation and misjudge the product test results. The following is about how to correctly understand and evaluate the pressure resistance and stacking test of corrugated boxes. However, here are some precautions to do specific analysis and discussion, and share personal practical experience with carton enterprises and users

whether the pressure resistance and stacking tests of cartons meet the requirements must be clear about two standards: the inspection status standard and the physical index standard

analysis of the inspection status of the carton stacker

the packaging industry usually adopts the inspection status of the following two packaging materials:

the sample temperature and humidity of the carton pressure tester are (23.2) ℃, (50.5)% pretreatment for 24h respectively

standard source: sn/t inspection procedures for corrugated boxes for transportation and packaging of export commodities

the standard atmosphere for testing pulp, paper and paperboard should be the relative humidity (502)%, temperature (231) ℃. Generally, the paper should be pretreated for 4h, the thin paper should be at least 5 ~ 8h, and the high volume or other paper types should be at least 48 h or longer

standard source: gb/t "standard atmosphere for sample processing and testing of pulp, paper and paperboard"

the purpose of setting carton test pretreatment is to make the fiber tissue structure of each sample in a balanced and stable state that can reach level 0.5, so as not to make the test results too different and affect the determination of carton mechanical properties

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