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In mid January, the market situation of coating raw materials in the southwest region


was volatile and upward, and the price was gradually pushed up. In the pure benzene market, although the external market trend is rising, and the market price is also at the bottom of the stage, which makes the market sentiment relatively stable, the sufficient supply of goods leads to the weak intention of end users to receive goods, and the price continues to be sorted out; The toluene market is in short supply, and traders have a heavy mentality of holding goods. Although the purchase volume of buyers is small and the trading atmosphere is flat, the quotation of traders still rises slightly; The downstream demand for xylene is light and the trading volume is low, but due to the shortage of goods, the traders' mentality is stable and the quotation rises slightly. In this period, the quotation of pure benzene in the southwest market is 6100 ~ 6300 yuan (ton price, the same below), toluene is 6900 ~ 7100 yuan, and xylene is 7100 ~ 7300 yuan

phthalic anhydride

the market rose strongly, and the price rose sharply. Affected by the tight supply of goods, the atmosphere of phthalic anhydride trading in this period is very active. With the increase of downstream DOP operating rate, users have entered the site to supplement raw material inventory, which has promoted the increase of trading volume. However, the low market inventory soon highlighted the contradiction of insufficient supply. At the same time, the low market price has increased speculation, and the sharp increase in the manufacturer's quotation has strongly pushed up the trend of phthalic anhydride and promoted the price rise. In this period, traders are reluctant to sell due to difficulties in purchasing goods, coupled with the rise in the price of the external market, merchants are very optimistic about the market. The end-users are very active in purchasing goods to ensure the production needs and to be stimulated by the rising buying atmosphere, which aggravates the tension in the market. The quotation of phthalic anhydride in southwest market in this period is 8950 ~ 9100 yuan


affected by the increase in supply, the market gradually weakened and the price slowly declined. Although the number of products from Harbin phenol/acetone plant entering the market is not very large, it has caused changes in market mentality. As the downstream receiving intention was very low at the end of the year, there was a strong wait-and-see atmosphere in the market, and users' expectations of market supply were lowered, resulting in low trading volume. Traders were hit by the factory price reduction one after another, and their quotations gradually declined. In related aspects, the upstream pure benzene continues to operate at the bottom, which poses a strong constraint on phenol; The downstream bisphenol a market performance is very weak, which cannot support the phenol Market. The quotation of phenol in the southwest market in this period is 10000 ~ 10300 yuan


the market fatigue is difficult to change, the price has fallen slightly, and the trading atmosphere is relatively depressed. In terms of supply, after the end of December, with the increase of the source of imported goods and the decline of the price, the market began to weaken, while some domestic ◆ after the end of the experiment, the products to be tested automatically returned to normal temperature to avoid frost and condensation. The sharp reduction of the manufacturer's price of the protection mechanism has a great impact on the market mentality, especially some dealers with a certain inventory, because they are not optimistic about the market, they have accelerated the adjustment of their holding status; Buyers believe that the future supply will be further relaxed, the purchase intention is low, and most of them hold money to wait and see, resulting in sufficient market supply and gradual price decline. Due to the dull trend of the upstream raw material market and the weakening of downstream demand, traders are cautious and buy more in small batches. Acetone quotation of southwest market in this period 62.2.2 peripheral circuit design ADC0809 pin function and processing are described below: 800 ~ 6900 yuan

the methanol

market is stable and rising, and the pressure on downstream industries is increasing. In terms of production units, the main methanol units in Sichuan are close to full capacity, but they still can not meet the customer's delivery demand, and the manufacturers continue to raise prices; The operating rate of methanol plants in Chongqing is still about 70%, but due to the large amount of internal self consumption, the market sales volume is greatly reduced; The operating rate of the main methanol plants in Yunnan is more than 90%. The mainstream quotation of major methanol manufacturers in Sichuan and Chongqing in this period is 2300 ~ 2650 yuan, and the low-end price is 50 yuan higher than that in the previous period. Among them, the price outside the province was increased to 2300 ~ 2650 yuan, the self raised price in this region was increased to 2500 ~ 2600 yuan, and the low-end price was increased by 100 yuan compared with the previous period. The quotation of major methanol manufacturers in Yunnan Province is 2650 ~ 2680 yuan, which is the same as the previous period, and the price in this region is 2500 yuan


the market supply is tight, and the price is adjusted at a high level. Due to the tight supply of raw materials, some formaldehyde manufacturers have reduced or even stopped production due to the lack of raw material supply. Some formaldehyde factories have reduced production due to limited product price increase and cost pressure, so the market supply is very tight. However, although the supply is insufficient, the price has not increased significantly further, mainly because the downstream buyers have limited receiving capacity. When the price exceeds the affordability, they often take measures to limit production or stop production, so that the trading volume shows some signs of shrinkage. However, the consumption of formaldehyde in the downstream market is still relatively large in this period. End users are motivated to purchase, and the sales of formaldehyde manufacturers are very smooth. Traders in this period have a stable mentality and are optimistic about the market. The quotation of formaldehyde in the southwest market in this period is 1250 ~ 1400 yuan

acetic acid

the market is calm, and the price is stable and slightly slippery. In terms of supply, due to the weak market, the manufacturers' delivery speed is slow, and the traders' sales are not smooth, so the market supply is relatively sufficient. In this period, the acetate Market in the downstream of acetic acid did not improve, butyl acetate was relatively stable supported by the recovery of raw materials, while the price of ethyl acetate was lack of trading volume, and there was still a slow decline; Although the price of vinyl acetate has stopped falling and rebounded, its weak strength is difficult to produce obvious support for the acetic acid market to improve the production capacity of a large range and the price has more advantages in this period. Due to the sluggish market demand for acetic acid and the low purchase intention of buyers, the market trading atmosphere is very light. In terms of price, because the price of acetic acid fell significantly, and the cost has a certain support for the current price, the manufacturer's quotation also remained stable, so the price was sideways. The quotation of acetic acid in southwest market in this period is 5600 ~ 5700 yuan

vinyl acetate

after the market volatility stabilized, the price increased slightly. In terms of supply, the production of vinyl acetate plant in this period has been vigorously developed, and the plastic granulator technology using renewable energy and industrial waste heat has basically operated normally, but the amount of products provided by suppliers to the market has decreased, mainly because the output has been affected by insufficient gas supply. It is reported that the inventory level of manufacturers in this period is low. However, due to the low demand for vinyl acetate in the current market, the decrease in the receiving volume of end users, and the pressure of traders facing capital and risk, which is mainly light warehouse, offsetting the gap of insufficient resources, the market supply situation is relatively stable, and the trading atmosphere continues to remain flat. In this period, the downstream polyvinyl alcohol market maintained a low sideways trend. Although the space for continued decline narrowed, it still lacked sufficient support for the vinyl acetate Market. In terms of price, as the manufacturer's quotation is very stable, the traders' mentality gradually stabilizes and the quotation rises slightly. The quotation of vinyl acetate in southwest market in this period is 9000 ~ 9100 yuan

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