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Market space is 4 times larger than street lamps? The price war is about to take place. Can these enterprises hold

at present, China's industrial sector is undergoing profound changes. It has become a broad consensus to reduce unit energy consumption and improve resource utilization. In this context, new LED lighting products with high luminous efficiency and low power consumption have been widely used in industrial production, and industrial lighting has ushered in the "led era"

in fact, compared with household and commercial lighting, industrial lighting seems to be only a small and low-key member of the entire lighting family; Compared with the high-frequency words in media reports such as plant factories, automotive lighting, infrared and ultraviolet LED, optical communication, etc., industrial lighting is a relatively unpopular word, but this will not affect its charm in any way -- with the continuous warming of LED replacement demand and the support of relevant government subsidies, the industrial lighting market is growing rapidly

as the main force of industrial lighting, led industrial mining lights also ushered in spring. Relying on the existing industrial foundation, Dr. Hua Guichao, chairman of Infineon electronics, once put forward that "the market prospect of LED mining lights in the next few years is very huge. It is expected that the total market value of LED mining lights in 2017 will reach more than four times that of LED street lights."

according to the data of LED Research Institute of high industry and research, the output value of China's led industrial and mining lamps reached 5.1 billion yuan in 2016, with a year-on-year increase of about 18%. Benefiting from the rapid growth of the export market, it is expected that the market size of China's led industrial and mining lamps will reach 6.3 billion yuan in 2017

it is understood that the service life of led industrial and mining lamps can reach more than 50000 hours, saving about 60% electricity than traditional industrial and mining lamps. Led industrial and mining lamps have the characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection, long service life, easy dimming and so on. At present, they have gradually replaced traditional incandescent lamps, halogen tungsten lamps, fluorescent lamps and so on as the first choice for newly installed industrial and mining lamps

"from the perspective of the target market of industrial and mining lamps, urban exhibition centers, large shopping malls, farmers' markets, supermarkets, gymnasiums, toll booths and other places have also become major growth players in the industrial and mining lamp market, and the range of product applications is very wide." Du Jianjun, the third chairman of overclocking, said

of course, compared with other indoor low-power lighting products, led industrial miner's lamps have some special features, even essential differences

first of all, unlike indoor lighting, led mining lights are mainly retail investors. Their customer groups are mainly engineers and some powerful dealers. The demand is not as large as commercial lighting and home lighting, and the price is difficult to fluctuate greatly

secondly, because the installation and maintenance costs of industrial lighting products are very high, and the requirements for product quality and after-sales service are very high, low-quality products are prone to high maintenance costs due to product damage at the same time of low price, so the price does not help, "one belt and one road" will become the primary target of customers' choice

in fact, not only the domestic LED mining lamp market is growing rapidly, but also the global LED mining lamp market is growing rapidly

according to xinmingfeng, general manager of Jiansen technology, "most of the mining lamps produced in China are exported to Europe and the United States. Up to now, 3. The output of the structure of experimental machine fixtures has reached its peak. In the past two years, the enterprises that have laid out the mining lamp market are also showing a high-speed growth trend. It is expected that there will be a price war soon, leading to chaos in the market."

according to the data of LED Research Institute of high industry and research, in 2016, the export scale of LED related businesses and users in China must reach 168million US dollars before use, with a year-on-year increase of 30%, which is lower than 102% in 2015, but it still shows a high-speed growth trend. Considering that the penetration rate of led industrial and mining lamps abroad is relatively low compared with that in China, at present, LED is in the process of rapid penetration, It is estimated that the growth rate of China's LED mining lamp export scale will reach about 70% in 2017

according to the survey of LED Research Institute of higher industry and research, the top ten enterprises in led industrial and mining lamp export account for more than 26% of China's led industrial and mining lamp export scale, among which, Billiton electronics, eggster and xinshengyang light potential rank in the top three in China's led industrial and mining export

ggii data show that in 2016, China's LED mining lamp export destinations were mainly the United States and Australia, which together accounted for nearly 40% of China's LED mining lamp export

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