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The market tends to pick up. Why can't these led enterprises last

in September, the first half performance reports released by various LED listed companies came to an end. The financial report data showed that the performance of more than eight LED listed companies in the first half of this year was booming, which also showed that the LED lighting market as a whole recovered in 2017

according to the observation of senior engineering led, among the eight LED chip enterprises in the first half of this year, only Dehao Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has produced experimental machines for customers in good faith based on the principle of large manufacturers for so many years. Everyone can rest assured that the net profit of Runda, one of our products, has declined. Sanan optoelectronics, Huacan optoelectronics, Aoyang Shunchang, Qianzhao optoelectronics, Shilan micro, Guangdong Ganhua and other enterprises all 12. Experimental results: click the analysis button to view the corresponding experimental results to achieve double profit growth; Among the 12 listed packaging companies, only three enterprises, namely, rectangular group, Xiamen Xinda and Dongshan precision, experienced a decline in net profits; Among the 23 downstream listed companies, in addition to the net profit decline of four companies, Sheraton, McDonnell digital, Lehman shares and abison, the other 19 companies showed a growth trend

there is no doubt that in the first half of this year, the LED market as a whole turned positive, and many led enterprises gained a lot. However, some led enterprises do not seem to be so optimistic. Some begin to transform, gradually divest their led businesses, and some directly go bankrupt

On September 14, Guangdong Ganhua announced that the company would list 100% equity and related creditor's rights of Deli optoelectronics, a subsidiary engaged in led business, at the price of 687million yuan. Deli optoelectronics' business situation is not ideal since it was put into operation in 2014. This listing means that Guangdong Ganhua will officially give up its led business

in 2011, Guangdong Ganhua set up a subsidiary of delip optoelectronics to "high-profile" transform the LED industry. Delip optoelectronics' main business is the R & D, production and sales of LED epitaxial chips and chips; LED technology development, achievement transfer and technical consulting services

however, the development of the company's led business is not as smooth as expected. Guangdong Ganhua said that since its establishment and production, deli optoelectronics' operating efficiency has not been as ideal. With the intensification of competition in the LED industry, the production environment of small and medium-sized manufacturers has become worse, and deli optoelectronics' operating performance has caused a great burden on the company's financial situation

on the other hand, the company has made it clear that the medical and health sector is the direction of business transformation, and deli optoelectronics cannot have synergy with the company's strategic planning. The sale of Deli optoelectronics' equity and related creditor's rights will bring a certain degree of loss to the company, but the long-term adverse impact on the company caused by the continuous loss of Deli optoelectronics can be avoided

it can be seen that Guangdong Ganhua is quite determined to divest its led business this time, and even does not hesitate to sell the underlying asset at a price lower than the listing base price

On the evening of July 25, Qinshang (002638, SZ) announced that the company plans to integrate its existing business and transfer its semiconductor lighting business related assets and liabilities to Qinshang optoelectronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as QINSHANG Optoelectronics), a wholly-owned subsidiary, free of charge

prior to this, Qin Asia Aluminum event attracted the attention of foreign material enterprises, and the shares have paved the way for the stripping of LED lighting business. From the previous led and education dual industry driving mode, to now officially propose to peel off led and focus on the education industry, which also reflects the current reality of the LED lighting industry

Qinshang Co., Ltd. was once known as "the first share of LED lighting". Its products are mainly high-power street lamps. It was in the spotlight around 2013 and has won many large orders for municipal lighting projects. These projects have also brought significant revenue growth to Qinshang. In 2013, Qinshang's revenue reached an all-time peak of 1.141 billion yuan. In terms of logistics, the share revenue began to decline, reaching 842million yuan in 2016

Qinshang's "led withdrawal" is obviously helpless. In 2016, Qinshang optoelectronics completed the most important step in the transformation of education, officially completing the asset acquisition of Guangzhou Longwen, and Qinshang optoelectronics also completed the transformation from traditional manufacturing to cross-border dual main industries in the education industry

dfdo plans to transfer its LED lighting subsidiary

in May 2017, dfdo (002407) announced that it plans to transfer its 90% equity of Shenzhen dfdo New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. to Jiaozuo dfdo group at 6380331.00 yuan

in October 2012, the company officially set up a LED lighting factory in Shenzhen. In the past, the main business of DFT has always been the chemical industry. In the long run, the company has certain limitations and environmental pollution. After the listing of the company, in order to make the company develop continuously and healthily, it must also constantly look for new projects. In this environment, a multi fluoro new energy company was established, which is mainly divided into two parts: LED lighting and lithium-ion battery, and LED lighting has been planned and operated since the end of 2011

in the early stage of project operation, DFD mainly undertook the transformation of some municipal projects, LED lighting projects such as hospitals and shopping malls. Subsequently, in 2013, the company adjusted the positioning of LED lighting to the energy-saving transformation of outdoor lamps and lamps in industrial and mining enterprises

but soon, as the LED lighting industry entered a red sea war cycle, at that time, the lithium battery industry chain began to show signs of rapid growth. By 2016, in the company's annual report released by DFT, led was no longer mentioned, but new energy vehicles and lithium battery materials were replaced

judging from the current development trend of LED lighting industry, for a group of listed companies with small-scale led business and low-speed growth or even negative growth, cross-border and divestiture of LED business has become a helpless choice to face. At the same time, it also confirms that the LED lighting industry is entering a new era

while domestic excellent LED lighting enterprises are growing, the share of enterprises with relatively weak led business foundation is gradually decreasing in the fierce market competition, and a pattern change of the stronger and the weaker is staged

the change of this pattern means that the LED industry is gradually returning to rationality. After the price war and industry reshuffle in previous years, the industry is changing from blindly pursuing low prices to focusing on products themselves, such as technology, performance, etc., which are the advantages of large enterprises

for listed companies, led business is not well managed, but they can turn around and find another way out. And where will those small and medium-sized enterprises with insufficient funds go? Many insiders have said that although the industry is warming up, small and medium-sized enterprises are still "living" very uncomfortable

according to the observation of senior engineering led, there are still several led enterprises finally going "bankrupt" this year

On August 29, according to insiders, Guangzhou Kaisheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (Securities abbreviation: Kaisheng Stock Code: 837235) has been in a state of shutdown

according to the disclosure, when supervising the preparation progress of the 2017 semi annual report of Capvision on August 23, 2017, the sponsor broker of Capvision learned that the company had stopped production and business, so he immediately sent an on-site inspection team on August 24, 2017 to verify, and learned that Capvision had the following conditions:

1, the company's office buildings and plants had been closed, and no workers were engaged in production

2. The company defaults on employees' wages, and the labor capital relationship is in a state of opposition

3. There are contradictions between the company and suppliers, and most suppliers no longer supply

after verification, the new third board has cleared the stock information of Kaisheng shares, and the stock information of tonghuashun station about Kaisheng shares has also been cleared. Later, I went to the official of Changjiang Securities to inquire about Kaisheng shares, which surprised senior engineering LED that it was unable to inquire about its relevant information

qihan optoelectronics, a large LED packaging company, closed down and dissolved.

Taiwan media reported that qihan optoelectronics, a large LED packaging company, has closed down and dissolved due to poor management. It is understood that qihan optoelectronics was exposed to financial problems last December, requiring employees to take unpaid leave. At that time, it also claimed to renovate and maintain the company's equipment. Unexpectedly, only half a year later, the company ended up with closure and dissolution

with regard to the dissolution of qihan optoelectronics, Chongyue Diantong, one of its shareholders, also confirmed that qihan optoelectronics has indeed ceased business and will evaluate it to reduce the amount loss

Jiachuang lighting closed down and the boss ran away

recently, it was rumored that the lighting factory running away was Jiangmen Pengjiang Jiachuang Lighting Co., Ltd. According to the graphic news released on the website, at present, the owner of the factory has shut down, the employees have called the police, and the public security organ has rushed to investigate. Many employees and suppliers have gathered outside the factory

is it the broken capital chain that Jiachuang lighting's boss ran away? Product quality problems? Does the product have market problems? Or company management

fortes lighting announced bankruptcy

on January 4, 2017, Wang Gongjie, the legal representative of Zhongshan fortes Lighting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "fortes"), announced in his personal circle of friends that fortes had serious losses and insolvency for various reasons, and had applied to the court for bankruptcy liquidation! He also said that he would not run away and would not lose contact. And pay workers' wages at the first time with the proceeds from the sale of all assets of the company

according to a supplier who used to be a foster, the due payment for goods has been delayed for half a year, and the capital chain can't keep up may be one of the reasons for its rapid bankruptcy. According to the information disclosed by the supplier, as early as last year, fortes lighting was on the verge of bankruptcy. Throughout 2016, although the LED industry has developed vigorously, the downturn of the industry cannot be ignored

liangbaijia's capital chain broke and went bankrupt

in January 2017, after Zhongshan fortes lighting Corporation announced that the company applied for bankruptcy, the industry once again heard the news of "bankruptcy" of Shenzhen liangbaijia Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. A person familiar with the matter disclosed relevant photos. A large number of employees gathered in front of liangbaijia factory and pulled a banner saying "Yan Xiaomin paid me back my hard-earned money"

it is understood that liangbaijia, founded in 2003, is committed to the professional design and production of dimming systems and LED lighting products. It mainly promotes energy-saving and efficient LED spotlight series products, and the target market is for five-star hotel indoor lighting and luxury counter lighting. However, the name of liangbaijia appeared in the list of manufacturers whose products failed to pass the spot check twice in recent three years, which was disclosed at the beginning of last year. The product quality is really worrying

in recent years, the "bankruptcy", "shutdown", "bankruptcy", "wage arrears", "performance decline", "loss" and other news of the LED industry have shaken people's hearts. Due to domestic overcapacity. 2. The ordinary protection of ring stiffness testing machines is serious. Many enterprises either have no business or rely on low profits to survive. In addition to the external environment, the internal vicious competition is also devouring the development prospects of the LED industry

in order to have business, some led enterprises do not hesitate to compete with a "breakeven" attitude. The phenomenon of "product prices are not the lowest, but lower" appears in the industry, which virtually increases the bankruptcy risk of more small and medium-sized led enterprises. Now, what is more terrible than the "bankruptcy tide" is "low price competition". The most taboo competition in any industry is "price war", which will not only lower the profit level of the whole industry, but also make the whole industry chaotic and disorderly