Bottle sealing in the hottest Baijiu collection

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Bottle sealing problem in Baijiu collection

even if glass bottled wine is used, the leakage problem of the bottle body is solved, and most bottled wine has not been preserved after the new round of reshuffle

from the year of customized laminated products and preformed composite inserts for hybrid molding process, bottled wine often disappears after a few years at home, mainly because of poor sealing. At that time, the sealing of bottled wine was mainly plastic wrapping (Celluloid skin) with oil paper cork plug, or iron cover, or iron cover wrapped with plastic skin. Later, spiral plastic bottle caps and spiral metal bottle caps were used Force resolution: 1/300000 or plastic bottle cap and then wrapping and sealing

these sealing methods and sealing production processes can not guarantee that bottled wine will not volatilize and leak, even if it is deliberately preserved, and most bottled wine will not be preserved for a long time

however, a large number of bottled wines have been well preserved so far, and some have not even spilled a drop. When filling, it happens that the mouth and seal of the bottle bite very accurately, and it happens to encounter a proper storage environment. It is very possible that a bottle of sprinklers can be perfectly preserved. However, compared with the sales volume of that year, compared with the consumption of many years, and after a turbulent era, the fully preserved old wine is almost one hundred miles or even one thousand in a thousand. Therefore, in Baijiu collection, only when the liquor is full and good can it have the highest collection value

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