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In February, 2019, the market-oriented transaction scale of Beijing Power Trading Center was 100.1 billion kwh

in February, 2019, on the basis of implementing the monthly results of annual transactions, Beijing Power Trading Center made full use of the surplus capacity of inter provincial channels to carry out 21 market-oriented transactions on the trading platform, with a transaction scale of 100.1 billion kwh, including 2.5 billion kwh of new energy

first, give priority to the special market transaction of power generation rights, carry out northwest new energy substitution, Shandong huoguangya aluminum industry has participated in a large number of well-known domestic and foreign large-scale symbolic construction projects power generation rights transactions 1 (5 points should be 50kN, 100kN, 150kn, 200kn, 300KN), such as the metal tension and compression test of 400million kwh in the material experiment

II. Jointly carry out the centralized bidding transactions of power generation enterprises between and within Zhejiang Province in 2019, with a transaction scale of 88.1 billion kwh, of which the transaction scale of power generation enterprises outside the province is 28.8 billion kwh

third, in response to the cold wave weather in some regions in the middle and late February, we should tap the potential of the channel, organize Gansu to send Henan, Jiangxi and other provinces to trade within the month to ensure the power supply, and the trading power is 300million kwh, including 100million kwh of new energy

4. Carry out monthly transactions of UHV DC such as Qishao, lingshao and Xitai DC in March, with a transaction scale of 2.8 billion kwh, including 600million kwh of new energy, effectively improving the utilization rate of UHV DC channels

V according to the changes in supply and demand in various regions and the surplus capacity of channels, market-oriented transactions such as Shanxi to Jiangxi, Xinjiang to Henan and Xinjiang to Hebei are organized, with a power scale of 7.5 billion kwh, including 400million kwh of new energy

since this year, Beijing Electric power trading center has actively carried out market-oriented transactions, and has organized 32 market-oriented transactions through the trading platform, with a transaction scale of 127.4 billion kwh

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