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Qingyun qingcloud releases deep learning platform AI application development to speed up comprehensively

enterprise level cloud service provider Qingyun qingcloud () recently officially released deep learning on qingcloud deep learning platform (click to learn:), covering the mainstream deep learning framework, integrating rich data science toolkits, and realizing one click deployment and delivery through qingcloud AppCenter, Help Algorithm Engineers and data scientists quickly build a deep learning development environment, so that they can focus more on business areas such as model and algorithm tuning. On the deep learning platform, users can use GPU or CPU for single machine or distributed deep learning model training and inference, while enjoying the flexibility and flexibility of cloud computing to achieve horizontal and vertical expansion on demand

Qingyun qingcloud deep learning platform deep learning on qingcloud

at present, most AI applications are developed based on the paradigm of supervised learning, that is, training under the model, and then deploying to the server for online testing and application. In the whole process, Algorithm Engineers and data scientists need to spend a lot of time on environment configuration, the cumbersome detail management of deep learning underlying engineering, and the deployment of deep learning framework

with the continuous maturity of this field, AI applications need to run more in a dynamic environment to quickly respond to changes in the environment and meet business needs. At this time, the traditional application development mode is no longer applicable. Enterprises and developers put forward the requirements of flexibility, high performance and ease of use for the entire system environment

Qingyun qingcloud deep learning platform, delivered through qingcloud AppCenter, can complete cloud deployment with one click, and provide application full life cycle management capabilities (creation, expansion, monitoring, health monitoring, etc.), helping enterprises and developers quickly build a deep learning development environment. In addition to integrating mainstream deep learning development frameworks and data science toolkits such as Caffe, tensorflow, pytorch and keras, qingcloud also cooperates with a number of partners in the field of artificial intelligence through AppCenter to provide rich AI services and applications such as image recognition, face recognition, text analysis, man-machine dialogue, etc

according to the requirements of model training on computing performance, Qingyun qingcloud deep learning platform adopts NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPU specially designed for Artificial Intelligence Computing, and connects with the nodes in the platform in a direct way, so that the nodes can monopolize the whole GPU, avoid the loss caused by virtualization, fully release the computing power of GPU, and provide users with extreme computing performance, Fully accelerate the development of AI products in the field of deep learning

at present, Qingyun qingcloud GPU host has finished internal testing and officially provided commercial services. At the same time, the GPU host has launched the monthly and annual billing mode on the basis of pay as you need, and the price is more favorable

Lin Yuan, vice president of Qingyun qingcloud operations, said that the launch of deep learning on qingcloud deep learning platform further improved Qingyun qingcloud artificial intelligence platform. Combined with qingstor object storage and qingcloud big data platform components such as Kafka, storm and spark, users can conduct model training and verification more conveniently. In the future, qingcloud will also provide more development frameworks and toolkits to help enterprises and developers take the lead in the next wave of technology

(1) Brinell hardness (HB) about Qingyun qingcloud

Qingyun qingcloud is a leading enterprise level cloud service provider and overall cloud computing solution provider whose mechanical system will deform after being stressed. It is also an integrated enterprise service platform based on cloud mode

Qingyun qingcloud is committed to providing enterprise users with safe, reliable, excellent performance, on-demand, real-time IT resources and management services in the form of public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, and managed cloud, and works with many ecological partners to build a cloud integrated enterprise service delivery platform

Qingyun qingcloud is currently providing services to more than 85000 enterprises to help them build and operate a more reliable, agile and efficient it basic resource scheduling and application management platform, significantly reducing the total cost of ownership and operation and maintenance investment. It includes many large enterprises and institutions customers, such as Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, Taikang Insurance, Air China, China Resources venture, Jiangsu transportation holdings, Wumart, globegroup, etc., as well as a large number of emerging industries and Internet enterprises, such as laidai, Zhangzhong finance, flash bank, quantipai, 91 finance, Caiqiu, tal, vipkid, light class, wechat live broadcast, elephant technology, e city e home, etc

with the world's leading technology, excellent product performance and mature enterprise cloud solutions, qingcloud has won the most influential enterprise award of cloud computing of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the excellent cloud computing solution/Product Award, the 2015 excellent independent innovation award of the financial electronic magazine, the 2016 excellent solution award of China's financial IT service provider, the 2015 most dynamic company of titanium media A series of awards, including IDC's first top 100 Internet + industrial innovation enterprises in China, are research and development entities that strengthen technical support and guarantee for major national strategic tasks and key projects, won the 2015 Gar wood flour reduction of less than 3% tner cool vendor, and was rated as China's public cloud strong performer by Forrester

in addition, Qingyun qingcloud has also obtained the registration certificate of computer software copyright, the three-level Filing Certificate of information system security protection of the Ministry of Public Security (equal protection three), and ITSS? Cloud computing service capability standard compliance certificate (enhanced), which has passed the national ISO 9001 quality management system certification, ISO 27001 Information security management system certification, trusted cloud service certification, software capability maturity integration model three-level certification (CMMI 3) and other certificates and certifications issued by authoritative institutions

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