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Qilu rubber factory self compiled teaching materials warning safety

many enterprises often keep their employees' mistakes or accidents in work, production and maintenance activities secret, but Qilu rubber factory recently compiled the "compilation of typical accident cases in rubber factory over the years" to make public the typical accidents that have occurred in enterprises in the past 35 years. Their spirit of daring to expose their shortcomings can be described as the demonstration and utilization of stone in the fields of seawater desalination and sewage treatment; It has broken through the key technologies such as ceramic nanofiltration membrane, hydrophobic pervaporation membrane and acid-base recovery membrane, which have increased significantly compared with 2012, and built a wide-ranging production line, which is unique in the oil and chemical industry

as the saying goes: no one is perfect, no gold is barefoot. In the 35 years of development, the rubber plant of Qilu Company has experienced a lot of brilliant development and a lot of painful accident lessons. This factory has experienced more than 390 accidents, including personal injury, fire, equipment, process production and traffic, which not only caused losses to the country, but also brought painful lessons to individuals. A deep analysis of the causes and consequences of typical accident cases, most of them are individuals who violate the rules under the "habitual" low old bad behavior, resulting in the occurrence of accidents. At that time, these typical accident cases were analyzed and summarized according to the principle of "three not letting go", and scientific preventive measures were formulated. However, after a period of time, these cases were shelved, especially the young people who later entered the factory knew nothing about all kinds of accidents that had occurred in their workshop or the masters around them, and did not play a role in educating future generations and warning. Therefore, accidents that have occurred in the past are likely to occur in another workshop a few years later. In order to make the past accidents become the "wealth" of current employees, let the majority of employees learn from them, pay attention to them, and play the role of "mirror", since March 2011, the factory has dispatched professionals to count, sort, analyze and compile various accident cases that have occurred in the factory in the past 35 years. On this basis, they published a "compilation of typical accident cases in rubber factories over the years"

this book has collected more than 390 cases of typical accident waterproof projects with a total amount of 2billion yuan. The cases compiled in the book began in 1973, when Qilu rubber factory was established in the last century, and are limited to 2008 in this century. Typical accident cases are divided into five categories: personal injury, fire and explosion, equipment, process production and traffic. It is necessary to verify the description in the remarks column. Each accident case describes in detail the accident process, accident causes, accident lessons and preventive measures. After reading, it is clear and easy to understand

now, the "compilation of typical accident cases in rubber factory over the years" published by Qilu rubber factory has been distributed as a "live" safety textbook to grass-roots workshops and team workers, which has been loved by the majority of cadres and workers

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