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Breaking point: Sany new business in the transformation strategy has entered the new normal of development after a round of in-depth adjustment of the industry. Its core is that the driving force of economic development has shifted from traditional growth points to new growth points. The three carriages of "new business, internationalization and intelligence" are carrying Sany's dream of building a "century old shop in China's construction machinery industry". Among them, the expansion of new business, as the natural extension of the continuous upgrading of environmental protection supervision in the economic restructuring of Sany, has become an important epitome of the new normal of the group's development in 2016

Sany new energy: the backbone of international production capacity cooperation

when it comes to the rapid development of new businesses, we can't help mentioning Sany Heavy energy

Sany energy

in the key year of strategic transformation last year, Sany energy achieved gratifying results: it obtained more than 10million kW of wind resources throughout the year; It has established strategic cooperative relations with customers such as Guodian investment, China Power Construction and Huadian; Significant progress has been made in the research and development of new products; The manufacturing, service capability and specialization level have been significantly improved... These have laid a solid foundation for the future development of the company

under the guidance of the national "the Belt and Road" strategy, in 2016, Sany Heavy energy has made greater strides in "going global". Every time Sany group's senior executives visit and exchange, energy equipment and energy investment are the focus of attention. Wind power has become the backbone of Sany's capacity cooperation with overseas countries. Take India as an example. In January, Sany Group signed a 5million kW clean power energy cooperation agreement with the state power investment group and the government of Andhra Pradesh to avoid errors caused by manual operation. In the next year, the Sany senior management visited India for in-depth investigation for many times, and signed the memorandum of understanding on cooperation with the governments of Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and other places. Wind power is an important part of the cooperation between the two sides

Sany's new business in the transformation strategy

it is understood that Sany's relevant report data shows that Chongqing heavy energy will focus on the United States, Canada, India, Ethiopia, South Africa, Kenya, Tunisia, Vietnam, Thailand, Egypt and other ten countries. In the future, under the guidance of the "five rings" strategy of the group's energy sector, it will coordinate and integrate global resources, boldly explore and innovate, and move towards the grand ideal of "the first brand of global wind power"

in addition to Sany Heavy energy, Sany solar also joined the group's new energy sector. On March 8, 2016, the 3.818mw distributed photovoltaic power station in Sany Beijing Nankou Industrial Park was officially put into operation. Based on the above analysis. In the past week, Nankou photovoltaic power station has provided more than 100000 kwh of clean power, which is 10% higher than the expected power generation on average. On November 23, Sany solar energy company and Zhongsheng energy company officially signed a joint venture agreement in Shanghai. According to the agreement, the two sides will establish a joint venture to jointly develop the roof distributed photovoltaic market by combining industry and finance. At present, the first batch of 150MW distributed photovoltaic projects jointly developed and constructed by the two sides have entered the stage of preparation and commencement. The main business of the newly established joint venture involves photovoltaic power station investment, development, design, construction, operation and maintenance and other fields, and will cover the roofs of 2million M2 plants in more than 10 industrial parks under Sany group

marine engineering: the new business card of new Sany

as an important part of the group's "integrity and surprise" strategy, port equipment is an important window to implement the dream of "engineering machinery on the deck"

Sany offshore equipment

in 2016, the market share of many products such as Sany Offshore Concrete Machinery ship and flow machine equipment reached the first in China, and the domestic market share of two products, front crane and stacker, was the first for six consecutive years. Among them, H series products triggered the energy-saving revolution in the industry, realizing the double growth of market efficiency and brand reputation

looking at the development track of Sany offshore engineering in the whole year, in addition to the still considerable number of orders, the frequent occurrence of keywords such as "first", "largest" and "latest" is more exciting

On the morning of March 4, 2016, two quayside container cranes and a rubber tyred container gantry crane set sail offshore at Zhuhai Sany wharf to Yanbu port, Saudi Arabia. This is the first shipping shipment of Sany marine engineering wharf. Sany officially became a leading construction machinery enterprise with a 50000 ton wharf. Li Gang of Sany Offshore Engineering said that now Sany has its own dock port and truly achieved "equipment going overseas". He is proud of the progress of the enterprise

Sany new business in the transformation strategy

in May, the largest contract for electric tire container crane was concluded, with an amount of nearly 100 million yuan. In June, the first 100 ton port overhead crane with completely independent intellectual property rights in China was successfully delivered, successfully filling the gap of such products in China and breaking the long-term monopoly of European enterprises. In August, Sany won the order for 31 flow machines in Dammam port, Saudi Arabia, making history again. In October, the largest rubber tyred container gantry crane project since the opening of Sany Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd. officially started. In November, the srsc45 h8a front lifting crane, the world's first energy recovery system, made its debut at the Shanghai BMW exhibition, winning an order of billion yuan on the first day, becoming the brightest star at the exhibition

Qi Jian, chairman of Sany Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd., said that at present, Sany Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd. has become a complete set of port machinery equipment supplier with the largest tonnage, the most complete series and the most advanced technology in China. Sany Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd. will accelerate its entry into the field of engineering ships and marine engineering equipment, actively explore the construction of intelligent terminals, promote the upgrading of global terminal and port logistics, gradually realize the integration of value chain by adopting internationalization, differentiation and service transformation strategies, and build Sany offshore engineering into a new business card of Sany. (this article is from Sany)

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