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Huge order! Sany international received a huge order of Ukraine's "ten million dollars" coal machine export order

! Sany international received the export order of "ten million dollars" coal machinery from Ukraine

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on November 5, Sany international Shenyang Industrial Park welcomed an 11 person delegation from krasnolimans' Ke mining company from Ukraine. Ilyushenko, the head of krasnolimans' Ke mining company, Andre, the general manager of Sany Ukraine coal machinery agent, and kavalinko, the technical director, visited the Shenyang Industrial Park and went to Henan equipment use mine for field investigation. On November 8, krasnolimans' Ke signed an export order of about US $10million with Sany international, including three sets of comprehensive equipment and several tunneling machines

Sany international technicians said that krasnolimans' Ke mining is mainly thin seam mining. The three shearers in the complete set of comprehensive mining equipment ordered this time are the company's main new thin seam equipment. This series of shearers adopts suspended body structure and C-type rocker arm form, which has the advantages of short overall length and high cutting efficiency, It represents the development of thin seam shearer industry, but sometimes it can also enhance innovation and is recognized as Jiangsu enterprise technology center and Jiangsu modified plastic engineering center

it is understood that at present, the domestic demand for thin coal seam equipment is concentrated in Shanxi, Shandong, Guizhou, Sichuan, Inner Mongolia and other places, while the international demand is mainly Ukraine and Russia. The purchase of krasnolimans' Ke mining company will certainly boost the thin coal seam products with low international prices in Sany to further expand the international market

in June this year, krasnolimans' Ke mining purchased Sany international roadheader products for the first time. In August, the equipment was officially installed in the well, and was in good condition during the three months of operation. The efficient tunneling efficiency was praised by customers

mine director ilyushenko said that Sany international, as a large coal equipment manufacturing enterprise, has strong strength, good reputation and complete products, especially the technology of roadheader and shearer is at the leading level in the industry, and hopes to continue to cooperate with Sany to promote the upgrading of coal mining equipment and enhance production capacity

Qi Jian, chairman of Sany international, said that Ukraine, as an important country with large coal reserves in the world, has always been our main cooperation market. He hoped that taking the opportunity of the modernization of Ukraine's state-owned mines, Sany would make every effort to make its own contribution to Ukraine's economic development and the improvement of coal production, so as to achieve a win-win situation by taking small things as big things. The company will continue to increase resource investment, allocate professional service teams, ensure sufficient spare parts reserves, and create value for customers

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